About Us

Apollo computer services are here to help with your computer woes. We’ve been helping our community for over 10 years with their IT troubles, from setup and installation, configuration, diagnostics and troubleshooting common and uncommon issues. Apollo Computer services prides itself on good service. We believe in treating people right, being honest and open and the freedom of information.

Our mobile technicians are Gold Coast based and offer a same day service subject to availability.

About the owner

My name is Dave, and I am an American born IT Technician from Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been servicing residential and small business IT for over 10 years. I love solving puzzles and working in IT I get to solve puzzles all day! Finding a solution just feels good. I firmly believe that information should be free. This means that I am happy to answer questions, show my tools and how they operate, and explain fixes because I believe an educated user is safe user.